Residential Mailroom Information


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Mailroom Location

The mailroom for residents is located in Joe West Hall

Normal Hours

Monday through Friday, 2pm - 7pm, Saturdays 12pm-5pm


How to Address Your Mail

If not addressed completely, you will not receive your mail, and it will be returned to the sender.

Name (complete full name, no nicknames)
375 S. 9th Street, Box # _ _ _ _
San Jose, CA 95112

CVA Residents ONLY
Name (complete full name, no nicknames)
380 S. 9th Street, Box # _ _ _
San Jose, CA 95112

PLEASE NOTE: Mailbox assignment information for all buildings will be available in early August for the fall semester.

CVA Residents:

CVA residents living in 101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601 will have mailboxes located in Joe West Hall. Your mailbox will have 4 digits. Please use the Joe West hall address listed above (375 S. 9th Street address).

All other CVA residents will have mailboxes located in CVA. Your mailbox has 3 digits. Please use the CVA address listed above (380 S. 9th Street address).


Mailbox Combinations

You can access your mailbox combination on the Housing portal.  Please login using your SJSU ID number and your SJSUOne password to retrieve your mailbox combination.   If you cannot access your mailbox or combination, please contact the Housing office for assistance, 2nd floor of Campus Village Building B.  The mailroom staff in Joe West hall does not have access to mailbox combinations and will not be able to give it to you.

If your mailbox combination is not working, please go to the Joe West mailroom, and the mailroom staff can assist you in getting it to work, or will change it for you so it will work.



If you receive a package through the USPS that requires a signature, it will be held at the St. James Post Office at 105 North 1st Street and you will receive a tan notification slip in your mailbox.  If you wish to pick up your packages at the mailroom, we recommend that you notify your senders to use FedEx, UPS, DHL, or another carrier.

If you have a package waiting at the Joe West mailroom, you will receive an email notification. You can pick it up anytime we are open.


Floral Deliveries

If you wish to send flowers to a resident of on-campus housing, please use their complete mailing address (including their box number as described above) and contact phone number. It is important to inform the florist that they must deliver during the Joe West Mailroom open hours (Mon. - Fri. 2pm -7pm, Sat. 12pm - 5pm).


Questions, Comments, Concerns...

If you have questions about your mail, mailbox or packages, please visit the Joe West mailroom during open hours (M-F 2pm-7pm, Sat 12pm-5pm) or email us at Or you can contact the Housing Office at (408) 795-5600, or visit Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, 2nd floor Campus Village Building B.


Mail Forwarding

In order to have your mail forwarded, please follow the instructions below.  Mail will only be forwarded for 3 months or for summer only if you are returning in the fall.

  1. Click here to fill out the Mail Forwarding form.
  2. Notify your family, friends, SJSU departments, bill collectors, and any other businesses you send mail to, or receive mail from, of your new address.


UHS Mailroom Missing Package Report

Please fill out this form if you have received notice that your package has arrived from the Joe West Mailroom, but the Joe West Mailroom staff cannot find the package for you. DO NOT fill out this form if you have delivery confirmation from the carrier, but have not gotten an email from the Joe West Mailroom yet.