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Black Scholars


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The Black Scholars Community is an open community located on the eleventh floor of Joe West Hall, designed to provide leadership, guidance, mentorship, community, and a space for those who are a part of or in support of the Black Community at San Jose State University (SJSU).  The community promotes cross-cultural understanding and dialogue, encourages community support, and facilitates the introduction of key campus resources in order to support student success at SJSU.  Through a variety of programs and activities, the Black Scholars Community specifically focuses on academic success, personal growth, networking, and professional development. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Residents will explore Black identity development and gain a better understanding of their own identity.
  2. Residents will gain knowledge about Black issues and develop skills to assist in creating a socially just campus and world.
  3. Resident will learn about campus resources (both personal and academic), as well as how to utilize them.
  4. Residents will build strong peer relationships and support systems within the Black Scholars Community, San Jose State University, and the San Jose community.

Programs and Events

  • Attend programs on issues such as: identity development, legal issues, academic support services, and advocacy
  • Interact with SJSU Faculty and Staff through socials, workshops, student mentoring, and presentations.
  • Exposure to campus and community resources and events.
  • Opportunity to be involved in the planning and implementation of campus wide programs.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Students must apply to Mosaic Cross Cultural Center and University Housing Services