Global Village

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Global Village, located on the tenth floor of Joe West Hall, is a community geared toward students with a specific interest in social justice, global issues, and sustainability. The community promotes these interests through programming and events. Students will have the opportunity to build strong peer relationships with others interested in learning more about the world and how to be an informed world citizen. The knowledge students gain while living in Global Village can enhance any major.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will gain knowledge and experience of professors and professionals working in the areas of social justice, sociology, and sustainability on a micro and macro level.
  • Students will build strong peer relationships with other students interested in global issues.
  • Students will gain experience in working with community service, social justice and sustainability organizations.
  • Students will achieve academic success while being supported by peers, faculty and staff.

Programs and Event List:

  • An all day leadership retreat during the first week of classes
  • Service trips within the community
  • Fall Semester Social Justice class taught in the residence halls
  • Guest Speakers from community action groups, local charities, and local government
  • Field trips and behind the scene tours to local government agencies, action groups, non-profit and charities.
  • Semester long service learning project with a local organization
  • Students will have the opportunity to connect with local community leaders, build a service learning portfolio, and serve the local community.
  • Students can choose from a wide variety of organizations based on their interests
  • The semester culminates in a showcase of the service projects completed by all

Roles and Responsibilities:


  •  Participate in semester long service learning project
  •  Register for Fall Semester Social Justice class