Transfer Students

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 Campus Village C Suites - 3rd Floor

Are you a new transfer student at San José State University? Would you like to live in a community with others who are making the same transition as you? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Come live, learn, and socialize with other transfer students in University Housing Services Transfer Community! This Themed community is designed for transfer students who are looking to get involved, make connections and become acclimated to SJSU. Special programming will be done on this floor to ensure that transfer students are getting involved and feeling connected with their new campus. Programming will also emphasize the resources available at San José State University.

Transfer students in this community will:

  • Experience a smooth transition to SJSU
  • Learn about the departments, organizations and services SJSU provides
  • Create and sustain supportive friendships among transfer and non-transfer students


  • Students must be a sophomore or higher
  • Students in this community must have a minimum of 30 transfer credits
  • Students must have an interest in living with other transfer students

Note: You should still complete the housing application and request this community.