UHS Past and Present


Allen Hall was named in memory of Charles H. Allen, the principal of the San José State Normal School for sixteen years. He was mainly responsible for the school's rapid growth and high academic standards in the formative years.

Markham Hall was named after Edwin Markham, an American poet of international fame and one of the most distinguished graduates of San José State Normal School.

Moulder Hall was named in memory of Andrew J. Moulder, who was a dedicated leader in the movement to create a free public school system in California. He is commonly recognized as the father of The San José State Normal School.

Hoover Hall was named in memory of Lou Henry Hoover, wife of the past president of the United States, Herbert Hoover. She graduated from the San José State Normal School in 1893.

Royce Hall was named after Ruth Royce who was the first librarian of the San José State Normal School, serving for a period of thirty-seven years. She was a graduate of this college and a teacher in its preparatory department.


Allen, Markham and Moulder Halls, located on 10th Street where Campus Village now stands, were put into "retirement" January 2003. Hoover and Royce Halls, located along 7th street next to the event center, were put into "retirement", January 2017.




Washburn Hall was named in memory of Lucy M. Washburn. Mrs. Washburn was a pioneer teacher of the San José State Normal School for thirty-three years and was a recognized leader in early California education. In addition to teaching mathematics, natural science, and history, she was a strong force in helping to build the college during its formative years.

Joe West Hall was named in memory of Joséph Henry West who worked at the San José State University for 35 years. He started as the Assistant Registrar in 1929 and retired as the Dean of Educational Services in the Summer session in 1964.  After the hall was completed in 1967, its bulging window frames prompted the nickname "Waffle Tower". Joe West Hall was the tallest building on campus until Campus Village Building B was completed in 2005.