Parking Info

Parking Rates

Parking Per Day Per Week Per Month
7th Street Parking Permit $10.00 $21.00 N/A
Campus Village Parking Permit $11.00 $50.00 $100.00


Parking Garages

CV Garage

Campus Village parking permits are valid only in the Campus Village garage located near all residence halls, underneath Campus Village B, at 351 South 10th Street. Campus Village Permits are not valid in the South, West or North garages at any time.


7th Street Garage 

Also known as the South Garage, a 5-story parking structure located on the corner of S. 7th and E. San Salvador Streets. The Parking Services Office is located at the Entrance of the garage. Entrance to garage is on S. 7th Street. This garage is open 24 hours daily The garage is open for:

* General (1,500)

* Disabled (48)

* Employee (386)

* Motorcycles

* R-Permit Only (5)

* 20-Minute Time Zone (12)