Laundry Information


Each building contains a laundry facility equipped with washers and dryers. All washers and dryers are operated by a WEB Load It! card which is issued to all residents when they move in. You can register your Load It! laundry card online at Web Laundry's website.

  • For questions or concerns about WEB's Load It! system, please contact:  1-800-421-6897 or visit their website.

Service Requests for Laundry Machines

All service requests related to laundry machines must be filed through WEB Laundry Services by calling 1-800-824-7780. Please do not contact University Housing Services, as we do not service these machines. When filing a service request, please include the 3-digit machine number located on the metal plate of the washer or dryer you are reporting.
Remember this is a community area, please keep it clean.