Facilities Requests


Facilities, Custodial and Maintenance is here to help!



Custodial and Facilities Request


For all custodial and facilities requests such as, custodial clean up, furniture movement, furniture issues, pest control issues, appliance issues and event set up, etc., please click on the Custodial and Facilities Request button. 

Maintenance Request

All maintenance related requests such as plumbing, electrical, lock, pipe leaks, heating/ac, etc, please click on the Maintenance Request button which will direct you to Facilities Development and Operations and their iService desk to submit your request.  Review this document if you need help with submitting a Maintenance Request [Submitting a Maintenance Request.pdf]  


To place a request for maintenance, please include your apt #, suite #, or room # along with your bedspace. Give us a brief description of your problem and the location if it's in a common area.

We are constantly looking for ways to help you through any maintenance challenges you may experience while you are living in our facilities. We have staff available to help you with the tough challenges, but we've also included some helpful information below.