The Bricks "Classics"

First Time Freshmen Only Residence Halls

All admitted first-time freshmen who graduated from a high school outside a 30 mile radius of SJSU are required to live on campus for their first year.  For more information on the on-campus housing requirement or information on exceptions please visit the Freshman On-Campus Housing Requirement website.

Mandatory Meal Plans

Meal Plans are mandatory for all First Time Frosh and all residents living in The Bricks. Housing rates will vary depending on the meal plan chosen. Meal Plans selection is part of the Housing Application process, please select your meal plan as you are completing your Housing Application. For more information on Meal Plans, please click the link below.


Typical Bricks Room

Affectionately known as "The Bricks", this residence hall offers a smaller living-learning environment for approximately 250 students.  This hall is divided into 6 wings of approximately 48 students each, a design which helps promote community among the residents. The Bricks offers a traditional college living experience, and enables students to get involved, and build life-long friendships. University Housing Services highly recommends this small community experience to incoming first-year students in order to ease the transition to college and provide a supportive first-year experience. Rooms in the bricks are double or triple occupancy with two or three students assigned to each room. 


The Bricks  are equipped with air conditioning, offer a high speed internet connection with wireless service in all common areas, cable television, and an on-site laundry facility but do not have elevators. Bricks residents have access to the Resident Activity Center (RAC) located in Campus Village Building B, which offers a gaming area with air hockey, ping pong, and pool. The RAC also has 4 meeting rooms which include a DVD player so you can watch the latest movies with your friends and classmates. We also offer a courtesy desk in Washburn Hall during the academic year to assist you. 

 bricks walkway
 bricks rec room
 bricks green space

Typical layout

Double and triple occupancy rooms in our "Brick" residence halls includes a space approximately 12 ft. x 15 ft., with a door at one end and a window on the opposite wall. Double occupancy rooms have one set of twin, extra long beds, which can either be bunked or separated. Triple rooms have one twin, extra long lofted bed and one set of twin, extra long bunk beds. Please note that beds are not furnished with pillows, blanket, or other linen. 

Room Furnishings

Double occupancy rooms are furnished with two of each of the following: extra long twin beds, desks, chairs, dressers, bookshelves, and closets. Triple rooms are furnished with three of each of the above (only two closets and bookshelves). Each room includes one towel rack, wastebasket, and paper recycling bin. Floors are carpeted, and windows are furnished with drapes.


Campus Village features two levels of limited underground parking for students, and bicycle racks on either side of Building B. For more information regarding Campus Village parking as well as other campus parking options please visit our parking information page.