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Spartan Honors Community, located in Royce Hall on the 1st floor are students dedicated to sharing life and ideas that help students receive the most out of their college experience. Students in the Spartan Honors Community are from all over campus and represent majors in Science, Engineering, Humanities, and Social Sciences. While coming together with students from different departments, you will explore the great works of human culture, build a close knit community, share many interesting activities, and will complete many of your lower division general education requirements all at the same time! This community is open to all majors who are taking the Humanities Honors courses, but space is limited so apply early!

Spartan Honors Students Benefit By:

  •  Building a cohesive environment that includes the celebration of great works of human culture while completing most of the lower division GE requirements.
    •  Experiencing personal growth through exploration of western culture and society.
  •  Having opportunities to work within the residential community, the SJSU campus and the San José community on issues important to these groups.
  •  Connecting with faculty members in a setting outside of the classroom that enhances their opportunities for academic success.
    •  Developing an appreciation for and a commitment to learning.
    •  Developing a commitment to act ethically and with integrity.
    •  Encouraging respect for individual community members and the academic goals.

Community Features

  •  In-house movies with faculty
  •  Monthly dinners with faculty
  •  Pre-registration Q&A nights with advisors
  •  Community study groups
  •  Academic workshops on study and writing skills.
  •  Honors field trips